The importance of channels

Without actually knowing in which niche your enterprise want to get in, it is not truly feasible to set up how you’ll quickly gain and retain users. Those here for the long run.

First you need to know where your company fits into the market, doesn’t have to be that enormous, that big of a scheme. As Elon Musk says in bluesophy, (a platform for heaps of meaningful entrepreneur quotes) : “ If you do something that is useful to the rest society, I think that’s a good thing, like It doesn’t have to “change” the world. ”

So steps to follow :
pick a community whose behavior you already recognize, and then make your product some thing that they will want to assert!

Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Groupon, Yelp. And what is evident is that these organizations didn’t try to overcome their biggest competitors from the very start, instead, they focus on trying to solve a problem which the community cares about, cares about deeply. It is by addressing to them that the entrepreneur realize his potential into creating something that matters.
To use another famous entrepreneur quote from Paul graham “make something people want”

2/ Second
Build up a truly fantastic platform, a place where people want to hand on to learn new things, connect with their peers, follow topics that are of their interest. In the smart way. Meaning the design is a major determinant of your future success. People got to fall in love with your product. Another quote from Bernadette Jiwa towards entrepreneurs: ““ We don’t need better marketing. We need better products, made by trustworthy companies, led by brave leaders, who can look us in the eye and say, hand on heart, ‘This really will make your life better because we put you first.’ ””

3/ Testing, quickly:
Why quick? Well, when you do have decided on a few channels to tackle, this is when your testing should start. What we call A/B testing in the start up world. A/B testing can come down on how attractive is the shade of your button. You will be testing identity A vs identity B, with (likely) huge variations in the interaction patterns with your users, the values they perceive in your product. In many successful entrepreneur success cases, you will come to realize that they managed to reach a certain level of popularity based on those trial and error scenarios.

Good luck !


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